Workers At Amazon Warehouse In Quebec Form Union

Workers at an Amazon (AMZN) warehouse in Quebec have successfully formed a union.

The union known as Confédération des syndicats nationaux says its application to represent hundreds of Amazon workers at a warehouse in Laval, Quebec has been certified by the provincial Administrative Labour Tribunal.

It’s the first time that employees in Canada have unionized at a facility owned and operated by e-commerce giant Amazon.

Union representatives say they expect Amazon to appeal the decision covering workers at the DXT4 warehouse in Laval.

The union says workers at the warehouse will hold their first general assembly to adopt a constitution and bylaws within a week.

The union will then launch a consultation period with members at the Laval facility and prepare a list of contract demands to present to Amazon management.

The Confédération des syndicats nationaux represents 330,000 workers across several economic sectors in Quebec.

Amazon’s stock has increased 69% in the last 12 months and currently trades at $187.48 U.S. per share.

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