Watch Rachel Maddow Doing A Lara Trump Impression

The highlight of predictable Super Tuesday has so far been Rachel Maddow doing a Lara Trump impression while talking about mail-in voting.

Rachel Maddow said while talking about Trump attacking mail-in voting, ” This is a purposely naive question. How do they make up for that it is not just that Trump is committed to this message of voter fraud, his daughter-in- law who she, who he is installing at the RNC, she was asked, don’t we have to get rid of all mail-in voting and she says that’s what my father-in-law says. If it is not going to be just Trump but the RNC branded Trump family, presuming lease they want at least a few more elections, how do they make up for that tactically for votes they are telling people they shouldn’t cast?


Impressions like that are why MSNBC pays Rachel Maddow the big bucks.

Super Tuesday so far has gone exactly as expected.

The big plotline driving most of the cable news coverage revolves around whether or not Nikki Haley will win a state tonight. She still in the running in Vermont, so it could happen.

The RNC is about to become a Trump family operation, so the official Republican position should become opposition to early and mail-in voting.

That strategy hurt Republicans in 2020 and it could do even more damage in 2024.

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