Vertu Motors lights the way with £4.4m investment in sustainability

Vertu Motors is investing £4.4 million to enhance energy efficiency across all its locations.

The project saw the replacement of existing power-hungry lighting systems with state-of-the-art LED technology, marking a major milestone in the group’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainable operations.

TEP Electrical Distributors, which is based in Darlington, upgraded the lighting at 117 sites and carried out work to improve lighting levels within call centres.

The transition to LED lighting is expected to reduce the total energy consumption for Vertu Motors’ entire estate by up to 7% and save around 433 tonnes in CO2 emissions each year, aligning with its broader strategy to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of business operations.

Robert Forrester, chief executive of Vertu Motors, said: “We are committed to leading the way in the automotive sector by adopting sustainable practices that make a real difference.

“This £1.2 million investment in LED lighting is a testament to our continued dedication to sustainability and our ambition to reduce our environmental impact.”

Vertu Motors also announced that all of its electricity needs will be met through a mix of 100% certified renewable and clean energy sources.

A significant portion of this green energy will be self-generated onsite through the £3.2m installation of roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) systems across various locations, positioning the group as a leader in sustainable business practices within the automotive industry.

“By transitioning to 100% renewable and clean energy sources, including significant contributions from our own roof-mounted PV systems, we are taking a bold step towards minimising our environmental impact,” added Robert Forrester. “These initiatives are a clear reflection of our commitment to sustainability and our responsibility towards the environment.”

Pictured is Stuart Hill, general manager at Bristol Street Motors SEAT Darlington showing off the dealership’s LED lights

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