Trump’s Supporters Abandon Him During Court Break

Trump showed up in court on Monday with supporters like Sens. J.D. Vance and Tommy Tuberville with him, but his whole crew left and didn’t come back during a court break.

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CNN reported:

The political entourage that came to support Donald Trump appears to have skipped out during the break.

Before the brief pause, the politicians seated in the second row like Sen. Tommy Tuberville and Rep. Nicolle Malliotakis split their time between their phones and the testimony underway in the courtroom.

The list of politicians included:

  • N.Y. Rep. Nicole Malliotakis
  • Ohio Sen. JD Vance
  • Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville
  • Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird

Eric Trump and Alina Habba also attended court, and they apparently stayed, but all of the Republican politicians who showed up supposedly to support Trump bailed at the first opportunity.

Where did Trump’s court support go?

The politicians went outside to talk to reporters and hold a photo-op.

Trump requires loyalty from everyone around him, but the Republican politicians’ not sticking around for the ex-president sends an unintended message. If Trump loses to President Biden again in 2024, he should expect the same sort of treatment from the entire Republican Party. Their support for him is completely transactional, and once they have nothing to gain by being around him, they will be out the door and on to someone else.

Trump isn’t the star or the political force of nature that he thinks he is.

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