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Trump’s Broke Campaign Is Drowning In His Legal Debt

Trump-affiliated super PACs are drowning in debt due to the former president’s legal bills and criminal cases.

Trump’s Campaign Is Paying His Massive Legal Bills

Daniel Uhlfelder posted some of the numbers from the Save America PAC’s FEC report:


Politico analyzed Trump’s campaign filings and found, “Donald Trump’s joint fundraising committee reported raising $53.8 million in the first half of the year, a long-teased figure that blows all of his Republican opponents out of the water. But the committee and its two affiliates — the former president’s official campaign and his leadership Save America PAC — have collectively spent $57 million over the same period, according to a POLITICO analysis of campaign finance filings.”

Trump’s Secret Is That His Campaign Is In Debt Due To Legal Bills

Trump isn’t campaigning because he can’t afford to. The corporate media rarely brings it up, but Trump’s big rallies have vanished because they are too expensive. Trump is barely on the campaign trail because the campaign can’t afford it.

Donald Trump has been showing up in court for civil trials that he is not required to attend because it is the only way that he can earn any free media attention.

Trump is trying to wrap up the Republican nomination quickly because he can’t afford a long primary campaign. 

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign is sitting on a record amount of cash. 

Money matters because it pays for ads, campaign workers, campaign materials, and the effort on the ground to turn out voters. If Trump can’t afford a campaign, that means the Republican Party will have to foot more of the bill. Every dollar that Republicans have to spend keeping Trump afloat is less money they will have to give GOP House and Senate candidates in close elections.

Picking a criminally indicted nominee means Republicans are setting themselves up for defeat. Money is vital to a successful presidential campaign, and Donald Trump isn’t going to have it.

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