Trump To Face Hearing For Potential Gag Order Violations Next Week

Judge Merchan has moved up the hearing for Trump’s potential violations of the gag order to April 23.

Adam Klasfeld posted:

Prosecutors want Trump sanctioned for violations of the court’s gag order including calling Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels “sleazeballs” on Monday.

Trump will be facing sanctions if he is found to be violating the gag order. The best remedy would probably be to impose a harsh fine system for each violation. If the judge put a fine of $100,000 on each violation of the gag order, Trump would probably shut up very quickly.

The only things that Trump seems to care about are power and money, so if the judge wants to stop the ex-president from escalating and trying to turn the trial into a combo campaign platform and circus, he needs to send Trump a loud message right away.

After hours of motions, arguments, and Trump naps, the jury selection process is under way.

Next week, the American people will find out of Trump’s cranky toddler antics will be tolerated by Judge Merchan.

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