Trump Melts Down Outside Manhattan Courthouse

Trump’s meltdown outside the Manhattan courthouse was full of lies and conspiracy theories and made the former president look out of it.

What Did Trump Say Outside The Manhattan Courthouse?

Trump said in part:

He said he doesn’t want to bring this case, but it’s not a crime. We’re here for something that is not a crime. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. What it is is election interference is being run by Joe Biden’s White House. His top person was placed here in order to make sure everything goes right. This is a, this is a terrible time for our country. This is a real dark period for our country. His top person and some others have been placed into the DA’s office to make sure they do a good job of election interference. There’s never been anything like this in the history of our country.

With all of this being said, I look outside, I look at the streets. It’s so different from when I left New York. It’s so different. It’s dirty, and it’s crime-ridden. And today, you walk down the street, and you get mugged, or you get shot, and they’re doing this where literally legal experts, legal scholars said they don’t understand it. There’s no crime and there was no crime here at all.

This is just a way of hurting me in the election because I’m leading by a lot. We’re leading by numbers that nobody’s ever seen before. And they figure this is their way of cheating this time. Last time they had a different way. This time, they have something that’s really down and dirty that no, frankly, no country does other than the third-world country a banana republic. So we’re gonna do our process.  They want to rush it because they want to get it desperately before the election. And if it goes before the election, that’s what they want to do. They don’t care after the election, they wouldn’t have brought this except for the fact, no way, except for the fact I’m running for president and doing well. If I were doing poorly, they wouldn’t have brought it. And frankly, if I didn’t run, they would have been extremely happy because they don’t like me running and they don’t like the numbers, the poll numbers have us beating him by a lot.

So that’s where we are. I’ll talk to you later after. We don’t know what’s going to happen. We want delays. Obviously, I’m running for election. I can; how can you run for election to be sitting in a courthouse in Manhattan all day long? I’m supposed to be in South Carolina right now where other people are and where again, this is where I should be. I shouldn’t be in a courthouse or something that virtually every legal scholar says.



What Did Trump Lie About Outside The Manhattan Courthouse?

Trump made several statements that were false in his remarks. The former president is not required to be at the hearing in Manhattan. He chose to be there. Trump could be in South Carolina or anywhere else in the country. The idea that he had to be in court and is being taken away from his campaign is false.

Joe Biden or any member of his administration has nothing to do with this investigation. The Manhattan hush money payments investigation began while Trump was still president, and predates Biden’s winning the presidency. The case has been going on for over five years, so it is the opposite of rushed. Trump’s claim that no crime was committed is also false. The crime was in the lies and cover-up of the payments to Stormy Daniels. Trump’s claims that he is leading in the polls are true regarding the Republican primary, but false regarding the general election.

Donald Trump’s communication skills have eroded, and he can no longer deliver a coherent message, which is why he rambles, engages in conspiracies, and loses the point even more than he did in previous years.

Trump thinks he is helping his campaign, but his media appearances only prove that he is unfit to serve.

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