Trump Loses It At Michigan Rally Over $355 Million Fraud Fine

Trump came unglued at his Michigan rally and started ranting about being fined $355 million in the New York fraud case.

What Did Trump Say At His Michigan Rally?

Trump said:

We haven’t done anything wrong. We’ve done nothing wrong. This last case is we haven’t done anything wrong. How about 12 weeks ago, a woman, I’m saying, who the hell is she? Who is the woman? It’s so unfair. What’s happening in our country? Our court system is a mess. What’s happening in our country? They have to straighten it out. All you see is bitterness and revenge and hatred. Judge Engoron just fined me $355 million for doing everything right. 355.

And these repulsive abuses of power are not just an attack on me. They’re really an attack on you and all Americans. It’s a disgusting, it’s a disgusting thing. I deal with the bank. The bank is happy. There’s no victims. There’s no anything. 355 million. I paid off a mortgage for a tiny fraction of that amount.

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I borrowed money and they wanted me to borrow the money. I didn’t even need the money they want because that’s what they do. They loan money and they like to loan it to good people. So they loan me money and they, they charge me a fine in New York State. Nobody’s going back to New York State. A lot of people are leaving a lot of businesses, but they fined me $355 million.

It’s the law, nothing like this has ever happened. This judge is a lunatic and if you’ve ever watched him and the attorney general may be worse, may be worse. You ever watch her? I will get Donald Trump her campaign. I will get Donald Trump. I promise I will get him. She knows nothing about me. Nothing about me.


Trump makes it sound like he was innocently minding his own business, and the banks threw a bunch of money at him, and now New York is fining him $355 million.

The fraud that occurred involved Trump inflating the value of his assets to get loans. He would inflate the value of his assets to get loans while deflating the value of the same assets to avoid paying taxes.

The $355 million verdict clearly bothers him, as Trump went off on a screed that attacked the judge, the DA, the city of New York, and even E. Jean Carroll.

Donald Trump isn’t taking the $355 million judgment against him well.

If Trump reacts this poorly to a civil fine, imagine how he will react to being a criminally convicted felon. Things are bad for Trump, but they could get even worse as the criminal cases unfold.

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