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Trump Just Gave Jack Smith More Evidence To Use Against Him

Trump was trying to use the Supreme Court hearing to boost his campaign, but instead, he gave Jack Smith more evidence.

After spending years and arguing in court that 1/6 was not an insurrection, Trump said, “And the one thing I’ll say is they kept saying about what I said right after the insurrection. The insurrection caused by Nancy Pelosi.”


Trump has said for years that the 1/6 attack was a peaceful protest, not an insurrection. As recently as December 2023, Trump denied being an insurrectionist, claiming President Biden is the real insurrectionist.

Donald Trump now admits that there was an insurrection, but it was all Nancy Pelosi’s fault, which is a point that makes no sense. Pelosi didn’t incite her supporters to come to the Capitol. The former Speaker did not encourage Trump supporters to attack the Capitol.

Donald Trump is the person who refused to stop the violence on 1/6

The big news for the Special Counsel is that Trump is now on video admitting that 1/6 was an insurrection but denying that it was his fault.

Every time Trump speaks, he gives Jack Smith more evidence to be used against him.

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