Trump Is Struggling To Come Up With The Cash To Appeal Fraud And E. Jean Carroll Judgments

Some new court filings from Donald Trump suggest that he is having trouble coming up with the cash needed to appeal both the New York fraud and E. Jean Carroll judgments.

MSNBC’s Katie Phang posted:

Trump just filed on 2/23 a Motion to Stay Execution of the Judgment Pending Disposition of his Post-Trial Motions. Carroll must respond by 5 pm on 2/29. Trump’s Reply by 5 pm on 3/2. The judgment was entered February 8th by Judge Kaplan.

IMO: The fact that Trump is seeking this relief so close to when the bond in @ejeancarroll’s case is coming due means he’s struggling to come up with the money for the bond…

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SIDEBAR: Trump filed a “Notice of Appeal.” He must pay filing fees to the appellate ct & then file an Initial Brief. In the meantime, TO STOP COLLECTIONS on the $454 million+ judgment, he must post a bond. If he doesn’t, then @NewYorkStateAG can start collecting on the judgment.

To be clear, Trump can appeal all he wants, but if wants to keep his stuff, he better come up with the bond.

It has been suggested for years that Donald Trump doesn’t have a lot of cash, and his wealth is mostly on paper. It was widely believed in 2016 that Trump couldn’t self-fund his presidential campaign because he didn’t have the cash. Trump’s businesses have been on the downturn for years, and people who were close to Trump, like his former lawyer Michael Cohen, said that Trump never expected to win the presidency. His goal was to boost his sagging businesses with a presidential campaign.

However, once Trump found success in Republican politics, it became what appears to be his primary source of revenue.

Trump also has $900 million in loan payments coming due soon, but his immediate problem is that he needs to come up with roughly half of a billion dollars to file appeals, and he doesn’t seem to have found the cash to do so yet.

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