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Trump Is Now Rooting For Terrorists To Attack The United States

Donald Trump couldn’t contain his excitement over the idea that terrorists could attack the United States and he could blame Biden.

Trump said in New Hampshire, “They’re coming into our country, and a lot of terrorists are coming in. This is really bad. I heard somebody yesterday say 100 percent happen to be Sean Hannity. Did you ever hear of Sean Hannity? He said 100 percent certain that there’ll be some horrible acts, terror acts, and that’s the answer. It’s 100%. It’s 100%. The people coming into our country, it’s 100 percent certain, and we have to have fair elections. Thank you for that. The northern border is a huge deal here. We talk right all the time about equal pass tactics.”


Trump’s source wasn’t the intelligence community or Homeland Security. It was Sean Hannity. Trump will never come out and say it, but on some level he knows that he can’t beat Joe Biden without a terrorist attack or something fundamentally changing the trajectory of the election.

The exit polls coming out of the New Hampshire primary are demonstrating how deeply unpopular the former president is outside of his MAGA base. Donald Trump did try to overthrow the government, so un-American attitudes and behavior are nothing new from him, but seemed to be hoping that the United States would be attacked and that people would die.

Donald Trump did not protect America on 1/6 and he definitely would not be the answer if anything happened in 2024 or beyond.

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