Trump Blows Up When Asked By Reporter If He Will Spend Money On His Campaign

Trump got angry at a reporter who asked him if he would spend money on his campaign now that his fraud bond has been reduced.

Trump was asked if he would spend money on his campaign and he responded with a plethora of lies:

First of all, it’s none of your business, frankly. But I might do that. I have the option. If I have to spend $500 million on a bond, I wouldn’t have that option.

I’d have to start selling things. I don’t have to sell anything because it’s a phenomenal company. I built a phenomenal company. Some day they’ll actually report that. I built a phenomenal company that’s very low leverage, unbelievably low leverage with a lot of cash, a lot of everything else.

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Why should I let a crooked judge make a decision to get $450 million? That allows me to spend very little on my campaign if I so choose. I might spend a lot of money on my combination. But I should have that option. A crooked judge shouldn’t say we’re going to have you post a bond and take all the money I could be spending on the campaign or other things if I want to do other things. So we were ratified by the professionalism of the opinion today. I thought it was very — I think it’s a very important opinion for New York. The only thing that’s going to really solve that problem is when I win, because you’re going to have to win. No company is going to be coming to New York if I don’t win that case. That case is a scam, it’s a sham and a hoax.


Everything that Trump said above was a lie. Trump is still committing the same sort of fraud that he was found guilty of. Trump is lying about the state of his company and the value of his assets. The former president claimed that he had a lot of cash, but he also admitted that if the bond had stayed at $454 million, he would have to start selling things, which might be the only true statement he uttered in the entire press conference.

Which is it?

Is Trump so flush with cash that he can pay the bond and spend on his campaign, or is he so broke that he was about to have to start selling properties?

Both things can’t be true at the same time.

Donald Trump has never spent money on his presidential campaigns. His campaign fundraising is struggling, and it doesn’t matter if the fraud bond was reduced to nothing. Trump won’t be spending his own money on the campaign.

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