Trump Appears To Be Wearing A Girdle While He Campaigns

Remember Trump’s claim that he lost 15-20 lbs. by being busy? Pictures from a recent event appear to show Trump wearing a girdle.

Ron Filipkoski posted the images:

I am no expert on girdles and the such, but there is definitely something elastic under Trump’s shirt. There is nothing wrong with Trump being overweight if that is what he wants to be. The guy is almost eighty years old.

The problem, as usual with Trump, is a matter of honesty.

Here is Trump on Fox and Friends telling Brian Kilmeade that he lost 15-20 lbs by being too busy to sit down and eat.


Trump is trying to portray himself as more fit than President Biden to occupy the White House, but nothing that Donald Trump ever presents to the public should be taken at face value. Trump will lie and mislead about details big and small.

The same person with a fraud judgment of over $400 million against him would slap on a girdle and claim that he has 15-20 pounds.

Everything with Donald Trump is a lie, and only a fool would believe any statement that he makes.

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