Trump Admits That He Doesn’t Have The Money To Post Fraud Bond

In a new court filing, Trump’s lawyers admitted that he was willing to post a $100 million bond, but he doesn’t have the money to post the full $454 million bond.

Can Trump Pay The New York Fraud Bond?

The AP reported:

Donald Trump’s lawyers told a New York appellate court Wednesday that he’s prepared to post a $100 million bond to halt collection of his staggering civil fraud penalty, arguing that provisions of the verdict make it impossible for the former president to secure a bond for the full amount.

Trump’s lawyers floated the offer in court papers asking the state’s mid-level appeals court for an order preventing New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office from enforcing the $454 million judgment while his appeal plays out. Trump would have to post the full amount to pause collection automatically.

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James’ office opposes Trump’s plan, saying his lawyers have all but conceded he has “insufficient liquid assets to satisfy the judgment.”

Trump’s lawyers are admitting that he can’t come up with cash to pay the bond to do a real appeal, so they have come up with the idea of trying to appeal the bond. Attorney General James has already said that she will seize Trump’s assets if he doesn’t pay up.

Now we know that Donald Trump doesn’t actually have the money to pay the state of New York, which means that hr also probably doesn’t have the cash to be able to appeal the E. Jean Carroll judgment either.

What has long been suspect appears to have been confirmed. Donald Trump doesn’t have the sort of real wealth that he has been claiming to possess for decades.

If Trump doesn’t win the bond appeal, Letitia James and the state of New York may soon be in possession of some new buildings.

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