This Retiree's Yummy Hobby Is Now a Remote Side Hustle That Makes $250 an Hour: 'I Attached My Bank Account And the Money Just Flowed Automatically'

When you have a hobby, nothing makes you happier than sharing it with others. Watching someone stand up on their surfboard for the first time, throw a clay pot on the wheel, or crunch into a warm baguette you baked together — it’s the thrill of vicarious enjoyment. Now imagine getting paid $250 an hour to share that hobby from the comfort of your own home. Sound too good to be true? Well, Bill Reichman figured out how to do it.

Reichman lives in a suburb of Chicago, and before he retired, he was the vice president of a transportation company. (“Think UPS only without the brown trucks.”) But now, he has more time than ever for his true passion, and his method for monetizing it is available to people with all kinds of pastimes.

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