There Were A Whole Lot Of White People At Trump’s Black Conservative Forum Speech

Donald Trump spoke to the Black Conservative Forum recently, but a video of the audience shows a whole lot of white people.

Where Were All Of The Black People At The Black Conservative Forum?


It is a fair question to ask. If Trump is speaking at an event described as a black conservative forum, it is reasonable to expect that the audience would contain some black conservatives. There are black conservatives in the country, so where are they?

The apparent lack of black people at the Black Conservative Forum is another reminder that nothing Trump says or does should ever be taken at face value. If Trump says he is addressing a group of black conservatives, it would be good to verify that there are black conservatives present.

Trump and his Republican Party are all about presenting an image and appearances. Just as Trump claimed that he and his party support IVF while they have been blocking a bill that would federally protect IVF in Congress, nothing is as it seems with Trump and his party, and the rule of thumb should be distrust and verify.

No matter how Trump and the Republicans try to sell it, there remains no evidence that massive amounts of black voters are considering voting for Trump.

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