The Most Over-The-Top Holiday Village Is At This Pennsylvania Resort

Forget the traditional holiday mall crawl and the awkward Santa lap-sit; this year, one hotel is during the festive dial up to eleven. Welcome to Hardy’s Holiday Village at Nemacolin Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania, where the usual holiday cheer is swapped for something akin to a Broadway-level extravaganza. It’s over-the-top, it’s dazzling, and it’s everything you didn’t know you needed this festive season.

Nestled in the scenic confines of the famous resort that recently reopened its Grand Lodge, Hardy’s Holiday Village is more than just a seasonal attraction; it’s a full-blown holiday production. Picture this: instead of navigating through crowded mall aisles, you’re strolling down snow-dusted pathways, surrounded by the kind of spectacle that could give the Great White Way a run for its money.

From elves decked out in Jackson Wiederhoeft-designed costumes performing choreographed dances that would put most musicals to shame, to an array of shops and eateries that are a far cry from your average mall food court, this holiday village takes the concept of “merry and bright” to a whole new level.

First stop, Hardy’s House of Ornaments. This isn’t your grandma’s ornament shop. We’re talking specialty decorations that are one-of-a-kind and hundreds of dollars. Of course, there are less expensive versions where children can make their own on-site. Then there’s PJ’s Peppermint Emporium, where everything is peppermint-striped, from socks to throw blankets. It’s like walking into a candy cane but with more fabric.

And for those who like their holidays with a touch of luxury, there’s Magical Maggie’s Mittens and Scarves. Cashmere scarves, sweaters – if it’s soft and warm, Maggie’s got it. Nutcracker Factory? Check. Glitter Factory? Double check. It’s like every Christmas market stall you’ve ever dreamed of, crammed into one village.

Now, let’s talk food because Hardy’s Holiday Village is a feast for the senses. Hardy’s Hot Cocoa Hideaway offers not one, not two, but four types of hot chocolate. It’s like a United Nations of cocoa. And let’s not forget Mr. Sandman’s Gum Drop Dreams and Merry Merry Macarons – because what’s a holiday village without an overload of sugar?

For the adults, there’s the Egg Nog Pub, where the elves let their hair down after a hard day’s work. Here, you can sip on egg nog variations while munching on a Christmas-inspired charcuterie board. It’s like a holiday party, but with better food and less awkward small talk.

Behind this festive madness are Bill James and Angelic Rutherford, the creative geniuses who evidently decided that “subtle” is not in their vocabulary. They’re the production designers for “The Bachelor” franchise, so you know they understand a thing or two about creating fantasy worlds.

And when the stars come out, Hardy’s Holiday Village turns up the cheekiness with Elves After Dark. Starting at 10 pm, this adult-only show is where the elves really let loose. You can meet the elves at the Egg Nog Pub and enjoy eggnog variations and a 12-day-of-Christmas-inspired menu. From Christmas-inspired charcuterie boards to whimsical elf-approved cuisine, the pub is a festive haven for the grown-ups.

“Hardy’s Holiday Village is The North Pole brought to Nemacolin and an embodiment of our family’s love for the festive season,” said Maggie Hardy, Nemacolin owner and CEO.

Of course, Santa is on hand. But, Santa’s House isn’t just a photo op with the big man in red. It’s an emporium of toys and joy, with enough Christmas spirit to power the North Pole. And yes, there are Chanel bags for sale. Because nothing says holiday spirit quite like high fashion.

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