Stephen Colbert On Trump’s Criminal Trial Moving Forward, “Let’s Go”

Stephen Colbert enthusiastically spoke for millions of Americans as he responded to the news that Trump’s hush money trial will be going forward by saying, “Let’s go.”

Colbert said:

Okay, despite, so far, despite 88 criminal charges, Donald Trump has faced zero consequences. It’s been one delay after another. But — Exactly. But that’s about to end. Because right here in New York, in the hush money case, the judge won’t delay Trump’s criminal trial to wait for an immunity ruling.

Let’s go!

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The best part is, it’s a criminal trial, so Trump has to be there every day. Starting April 15th, we get to see Donald Trump having to see Stormy Daniels testify about having to see Donald Trump naked. Ugh. Ugh. “Your honor, for reasons that will soon be all too apparent following her testimony, I’d like to submit into evidence this baby Bella mushroom.”  If you know what I’m talking about.


The entire country seems ready for Donald Trump to go on trial. The ex-president has tried delay after delay, but the judge has ruled that there will be no more delays and the trial will start on schedule. The trial is expected to take weeks, and a guilty verdict for Trump would likely make it nearly impossible for Trump to return to the White House.

We are ten days away from the trial beginning, and the case that many legal experts considered the weakest of the four could be the only one that renders a verdict before the November election.

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