Sidney Powell Is Expected To Testify Against Donald Trump

It is being reported that Trump’s former lawyer, Sidney Powell, is expected to testify against him at his Georgia RICO trial.


CNN reported:

She also is agreeing as part of this deal to testify at future trials. So Sydney Powell is lined up essentially to go to trial at the end of this week alongside one other defendant in that case, another lawyer, Ken Chesbrough. She’s not going to be going to trial now. So she’s taking this plea deal.

She will not have that trial. She will also be in a situation where prosecutors will be wrecking, recommending her to avoid jail time as. Part of this deal, but it’s significant that not only is she avoiding the trial, not only is she putting in this guilty plea that she is very likely to become a witness against Donald Trump and the others as they go to trial in Georgia.

Almost immediately, people in the legal community began to speculate that Powell’s flip in Georgia would not only mean that she would testify against him in the state prosecution, but that she would also testify against the former president in Jack Smith’s federal prosecution.

Sidney Powell was in the Oval Office on December 18, 2020, when the plot against the United States was discussed and launched. Powell is the first participant in that meeting who will be testifying in criminal proceedings.

Trump has escaped accountability and prosecution for decades largely because the people around him have kept quiet, but that is changing, and it means that witnesses like Sidney Powell could turn Trump into a convicted felon.

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