RNC Members Are Trying To Stop Trump From Robbing Them

Some members of the RNC are pushing for a vote on a resolution that would ban them from paying Trump’s legal bills.

The Dispatch reported on the text of the resolution:

The draft resolution related to Trump’s legal expenditures is worded in such a way that it does not single out Trump and codifies that the RNC should only spend money on political activity to elect Republicans up and down the ticket, and not the personal dealings of any candidate. It reads:

WHEREAS, the Republican National Committee should focus its spending on political efforts associated with winning elections and make clear from this point forward that the RNC’s financial resources are to be used to assist candidates across the country winning elections in 2024. WHEREAS, spending any RNC financial resources for any candidate’s personal, business, or political legal expenses, not related to the 2024 election cycle, does not serve the RNC’s primary mission of helping to elect our candidates in 2024; therefore, be it RESOLVED, that the Republican National Committee will not pay the legal bills of any of our candidates for any federal or state office, but will focus our spending on efforts directly related to the 2024 election cycle.

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Lara Trump has already said that when the Trumps take over the RNC every penny the committee raises will be used to elect Donald Trump. Lara Trump also said that it is in the interest of Republican voters for the RNC to pay Trump’s legal bills.

Members of the RNC won’t vote against Trump’s takeover because he is the likely party nominee, but they are trying to put some safeguards in place so that Lara Trump doesn’t take power and raid the party coffers for the Trump family. Donald Trump isn’t taking over the RNC to help other Republicans.

The former president is taking over to make the RNC a part of the Trump family business, and that means that if he isn’t stopped the RNC will be bled dry.

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