Rep. Joaquin Castro Calls Out Trump For Trying To Get His Supporters To Do His Dirty Work

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) said that just like on 1/6, Donald Trump is trying to get his supporters do his dirty work for him with his threats.

Rep. Castro told CNN’s Jim Acosta, ” Well, I’m not surprised. I mean, after all these years, that’s kind of Donald Trump’s method of operation is that he tries to intimidate people. He tries to bully people, in his own way threaten people, and I do think that it was a veiled threat, and I’m glad that the prosecutors have asked for protective orders because what you see Donald Trump do again and again is try to get his supporters or his followers to do his dirty work. That’s what the insurrection, the attempted coup was on January 6th, was Donald Trump riling up a bunch of people and letting them March on to the capitol, break into the capitol, while he sat back at the White House.”

Video of Castro:

Rep. Castro was correct. Trump is trying to avoid prison, so he is trying to get his supporters to save the day with violence. Trump acts like his supporters are his own personal army that he can deploy against the American people anytime he gets in trouble or is confronted with the law.

After nearly a decade of this behavior, the American people have caught on. They aren’t scared of Trump’s threats. Even Trump’s supporters seem reluctant to commit acts of violence on his behalf and go to jail. There were no mass protests after Trump’s third arraignment. There are no boots on the streets.

Trump is threatening people, but he isn’t the president anymore. While Republicans may vote for him in the presidential primary next year, they aren’t lining up to commit acts of political violence in his name.

Everyone knows that the emperor has no clothes except for the pretend emperor, Donald Trump.

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