Phyron employs AI to transform photos into 3D renderings

Swedish tech business Phyron has significantly upgraded its Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered video creation software to transform regular 2D photographs of cars into 3D images.

The upgraded AI model has been combined with the latest AI Logic to create 3D renderings that bring flat images of cars on a dealer’s forecourt to life in studio quality videos, boosting customer engagement, website clicks and direct lead generation.

Phyron’s technology can recognize the vehicle make and model and render a 3D model with accuracy and fidelity, and with zero human input.

The technology is also able to cut out subjects from backgrounds, render them in 3D, and fill in missing pixels,

Phyron co-founder and creative director innovation Jens-Peter Sjoberg said “This software upgrade raises the bar for promotional videos. It brings cars to life in away never previously possible. The results speak for themselves. The 3D renderings with a 40 degree pan really showcase the vehicles and elevate our automotive video classified ads to the next level.

Phyron now counts over 2,500 dealer customers across more than 25 countries equating to over 130,000 car ads currently carrying a Phyron video. Since January 2021, its customers’ car videos were viewed more than 250 million times.

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