In-flight fight caused plane to divert

NYC woman sentenced after an in-flight fight caused the plane to divert

For her role in the fight aboard an American Airlines flight on February 20,21, a New York woman is currently serving four months in prison and 36 months of supervision.

According to a U.S. Department of Justice news release, Kelly Pichardo (32), was sentenced last week by a United States District Judge in Bronx, New York.

She pleaded guilty previously to interference with a flight crew. American Airlines also requires her to pay $9,123 in restitution.

Pichardo’s codefendant Leeza S. Rodrigo will be sentenced following her Nov. 7th guilty plea.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Pichardo and Rodriguez were disruptive and intimidating while flying first class on American Airlines from Dallas-Fort Worth (LA) to Los Angeles.

Phoenix police said that the two women engaged in a brawl with another passenger after he asked them to stop using racial slurs. A spokesperson for Phoenix police said that one of the women spat at the male passenger who asked her to stop using the language.

Rodriguez allegedly struck Rodriguez’s hand to stop Rodriguez from recording the fight on his smartphone. The pilot had to redirect the flight to Phoenix, Arizona because of their behavior so that the co-defendants would be removed from the plane. The flight continued on to LAX.

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