No Labels National Director Admits He Will Vote For Biden

With the third party bid by No Labels dead, National Director Joe Cunningham said that he would vote for Biden over Trump.


Cunningham was asked, “Who are you going to vote for, Joe?”

He answered, Who am I going to vote for? Well, yeah. Well, No Labels itself is a C4 organization that doesn’t advocate for or against political candidates. We were merely securing ballot access.”

Cunningham was asked again who he would vote for, and he answered, “Me as a person? I would vote for Biden over Trump.”

The No Labels third party bid is dead because they could not find a credible candidate who was willing to run in the 2024 election and help Trump by taking votes away from Joe Biden, and when push came to shove the No Labels national director admitted that he as a person will vote for Joe Biden.

The threat of a third party playing spoiler and getting Trump back into the White House is likely an overrated possibility. For example, as more becomes known to the general electorate about RFK Jr., he will probably fade.

Many in the political chattering class were worried about No Labels, and with the organization out of the presidential race, the threat of a potential spoiler party helping Trump has decreased.

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