Mike Pence Yells At Trump Supporters In A Parking Lot After They Call Him A Traitor

About a dozen Trump supporters started yelling at Mike Pence that he was a traitor, so Pence yelled back, read it, and told them that he upheld the Constitution.


The Trump supporters approached Pence, called him a sell-out, a traitor, and told him to read the Constitution. Pence responded that he upheld the Constitution, then he yelled, “Read it,” at the Trump supporters.

Mike Pence should have been doing this years ago. More Americans might be able to respect him if he had not waited until after Jack Smith indicted Trump to find his courage and tell the truth about Trump’s plot to overturn the election.

However, the new Mike Pence, who yells back at Trump supporters in parking lots is a fun thing to watch.

Pence is polling at 1%-2% in the Republican presidential primary. His only chance at relevance in the election is to pull together a collection of anti-Trump voters and evangelicals in Iowa. Trump polling is soft in the Hawkeye State, so there is an opening for a non-Trump Republican to do well in caucuses.

If this is Mike Pence’s last stand, he is not going the Ron DeSantis route and trying to appeal to Trump voters. Trump’s fans think that they can bully and behave like their hero. More Republicans need to be like Mike Pence and yell back.

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