Michael Cohen Destroys Trump’s Defense “This Was All About The Campaign”

Michael Cohen testified that Trump’s hush money payment to Stormy Daniels was all about the campaign and had nothing to do with his family.

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Cohen testified:

(Trump) said to me, ‘This is a disaster, a total disaster, women are going to hate me. This is really a disaster. Women will hate me. Guys, they think it’s cool. But this is going to be a disaster for the campaign,’ I want you to just push it out as long as you can, just get past the election, because if I win it will have no relevance because I’m president, and if I lose, I don’t even care.”

“He wasn’t even thinking about Melania, this was all about the campaign.”

Here is how little Trump cared about his wife:


The facts are obvious. The idea that Donald Trump had was if he could bury the story until after the election. If he won the election, Trump thought the story would go away and not matter anymore, which seems like very Trumpian thinking.

If Trump thought the story would go away and have no political consequences, then why did he illegally conceal the repayments to Cohen as legal services?

If the payments were legal, why hide them?

The answer to that question appears to be that Trump knew there would be consequences to this story, no matter when it came out. Donald Trump was trying to bury the story forever by illegally falsely labeling the payments to Cohen. Trump did not want to leave any breadcrumbs for any reporters to find later.

Donald Trump has never shown an ounce of sincere concern for his family, and if he was so concerned about his family, he could have bought the Daniels story anytime in the previous decade.

He chose not to do it until the presidential campaign, and that decision reveals his true motive.

Michael Cohen blew Trump’s defense to bits.

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