Marjorie Taylor Greene Questions If Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse Was An Accident

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is demanding a full investigation into whether the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge was an accident.

Greene posted, “There should be a serious investigation into the horrifying tragedy of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Maryland. Is this an intentional attack or an accident? Praying for the victims, survivors, and families 🙏”

A serious investigation has already started. The Secretary of Transportation, the Coast Guard, federal law enforcement, and transportation safety officials are on the scene.

If, by a serious investigation, Rep. Greene suggested a House Republican investigation, then it would absolutely not be possible because House Republicans have shown themselves to be unserious people.

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There is not a cover-up. The cargo ship sent a distress signal and warned officials that they were having mechanical issues. The distress signal allowed the bridge to be closed so that more people were not harmed. Terrorists don’t let people know in advance so that lives can be saved.

When an accident happens or disaster strikes, the nation needs serious people in charge. 

Rep. Greene is not a serious person. Conspiracy theories are not governing, and Greene is treading into conspiracy theory territory with her post.

In Trump’s party, conspiracies pass for governing, and the questioning of basic facts is another way of undermining trust in government.

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