Luxurious PS Private Terminal Brings Relaxation To Busy Atlanta Airport

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (better known as ATL) is America’s busiest airport. In 2022 the Delta hub welcomed 93,699,630 passengers as it continued its comeback towards its 2019 pre-COVID peak of 110 million.

If you don’t want to feel like a number, you can bypass the madness with the newly opened PS private terminal and luxury airport lounge. PS, which calls itself the “airport experience reimagined,” boasts that ‘travelers through ATL will never set foot in the airport itself.’

Anyone with access to an airline lounge knows how crowded and disappointing they can be, particularly at peak travel times. The PS private terminals helps upscale travelers beat the crowds.

PS guests can enjoy a relaxing space, private TSA screenings, chef prepared meals, a full bar, day beds, and beauty offerings including manicures and massages. A BMW will speed you and your luggage to or from your flight. The facility features a collection of artworks, and antique and vintage furniture pieces sourced from local collectors.

While Hartsfield-Jackson is chock-full of airline lounges, including American, United, and some nine different Delta oases, each requires traipsing through the busy airport and packed security lines.

Once you’ve arrived at Atlanta’s new PS private terminal, you can enjoy some me-time until it’s time to stroll through the dedicated TSA line. PS also offers private customs clearance on international arrivals.

PS, originally established in 2017 as The Private Suite, arrived at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) that same year. The plush facility, boasting a bar and chef-cooked food, proved popular even through the dark days of COVID.

PS ownership followed through on their plans to build a lounge at the nation’s busiest airport. After PS ATL, the company recently announced locations coming to Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), in spring 2024, and Miami International Airport (MIA), scheduled for a 2025 opening.

PS calls itself the first-of-its-kind travel service for commercial travelers. In this context, that doesn’t mean business travelers, but non-private flyers on commercial scheduled airlines.

PS offers two types of hosting, with everything available by reservation. The PS Private Suite offers a private suite with private TSA and Customs. It also includes complimentary cocktails and chef-prepared meals.

The Salon offers a social lounge for solo travelers or small groups, including snacks and drinks. There are daybeds available in the Private Suites and showers available for both Suite and Salon guests.

By now you’re probably asking, ‘how much does all of this cost?’ Pricing is per visit, which you can lower through membership. You can access PS as an All-Access Member, as a Salon Member, or as a nonmember, paying on an a la carte basis.

An All-Access Membership is $4850, and includes preferred pricing for the Private Suite, The Salon and PS Direct, (a program that will drive you up to 25 miles from the airport) priority reservations, a preferred cancellation policy and more.

A Salon Membership is $1250 and includes preferred pricing for The Salon, priority reservations and a preferred cancellation policy.

For an All-Access member to enjoy The Salon is $750 per person, for a Salon Member it’s $850 per person, and for non-members it’s $1,095 per person.

A Private Suite for All Access members is $3,550 for up to 4 travelers. Salon Members and non-members pay $4,850 for up to 4 travelers.

“Opening our second PS location in America’s busiest airport will bring the countless travelers that fly to and through Atlanta the convenience and luxury that has become synonymous with the PS brand,” said Amina Porter, CEO of PS. “The Atlanta Department of Aviation played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life and we hope other airports will follow suit.”

We asked Delta, which with nine lounges has a considerable investment in its elite flyers at ATL, whether they regard PS as a competitor or potential partner, but they did not respond.

Will celebrities, jetsetters and billionaires pay PS ( prices for privacy and luxury? The jury is out, but every major airport outside of the United States has a VIP terminal, including Paris, London, Hong Kong and Dubai. As a spokesperson said, “PS is an opportunity to offer a service for premium travelers that helps to reduce traffic in the public terminals and improve the reputation of the airport.”

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