Lara Trump Says We Should Trust Her That She Isn’t Robbing The RNC

Lara Trump tells people to trust her that she isn’t robbing the RNC.

Lara Trump told NBC News, “I think the reason that I’m here is to assure people who ever had any question as to how their money is being spent. Can they trust the RNC? Can they donate to this entity? Trust me, I’m the daughter-in-law of Donald Trump. I will ensure that every penny of every dollar is going to causes that Republican voters care about. We want to, of course, elect Donald Trump at the top of the ticket, and then, of course, elect Republicans all the way down.”


Lara Trump didn’t say where the RNC donations were going, but she has given plenty of hints. Trump has said that she thinks that Republican donors care about paying Trump’s legal bills. She has also said that the RNC is going to be a Trump family operation and that every RNC penny was going to go to getting Trump back in the White House.

The DNC doesn’t run around saying that their top goal is to get Joe Biden reelected. The job of political parties is support candidates at all levels while getting voters mobilized to vote.

Lara Trump has been installed at the RNC for one reason, and that is to empty the coffers for her father in law. Donors should be weary of giving any money to the RNC, because the vast majority of it will find its way to Donald Trump.

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