Lara Trump Admits She’s Going To Bleed The RNC Dry For Trump

Lara Trump suggested that she needs to take a look at the rules, but as RNC co-chair, she wants to pick up Donald Trump’s legal bills and make him the sole financial focus of the party.

Lara Trump said that she thinks Trump’s legal bills are of big interest to Republican voters:

That’s a pretty big hint of where things are going to be heading for the RNC, but we don’t have to rely on hints because Lara Trump is making it explicitly clear why she is taking over an RNC leadership post:

Lara Trump said that she will make sure that every penny donated to the RNC goes to Trump:

Trump also said that her husband, Eric, and brother-in-law, Donald Trump Jr., are going to be involved and that the RNC is going to be a Trump “family affair.”

The RNC is already drowning in financial problems due to decreased donations and paying Trump’s legal bills, and things are about to get a lot worse for the rest of the party not named Donald Trump.

The RNC’s primary job is getting voters to the polls and supporting candidates. A party organization should not operate as a family business and direct all its donations to the presidential nominee.

As Biden is raising and sharing with the Democratic Party record amounts of cash on hand, the Trumps have taken over the RNC and are apparently looking to bleed it dry.

Republicans continue to lose elections in part because, since the rise of Trump, their candidates don’t have the money to push them over the top. Super PACs can’t fulfill the same functions as the political party.

It sure sounds like Lara Trump is coming to the RNC to make it a Donald Trump operation, which could be a disaster for Republicans.

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