Judge Rules Trump Must Pay $454 Million Fraud Bond

Trump has lost his appeal as a judge has ruled that he must come up with $454 million to post bond to appeal the fraud judgment against him.

CNN reported:

Former President Donald Trump must come up with the full bond amount to cover the $454 million verdict in the civil fraud trial, an appeals court judge ruled Wednesday.

Associate Justice Anil Singh, however, lifted a ban on Trump’s ability to obtain loans from a New York bank, which could allow him to access the equity in his assets to back the full bond amount.

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Singh denied Trump’s request to delay his obligation to post $454 million until a full appellate panel hears his motion to stay enforcement of that judgment until his appeals of the civil fraud ruling are over.

Trump doesn’t get a stay or a delay. If he wants to appeal, he has to come up with $454 million. Any bank that is crazy enough to loan Trump another $454 million with the state of New York is eyeing the seizure of his properties because he apparently doesn’t have the cash to pay the fraud judgement against will get what they deserve.

The current appeal isn’t an appeal of the fraud verdict. It is an appeal of the bond amount. Trump is trying to get the bond amount reduced, but in the meantime interest of over $100,000 a day is accruing  on the judgment,

If Trump wants to appeal the fraud verdict, he needs to come up with $454 million, as his effort to get the bond reduced was rejected in court.

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