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Judge Rips Trump’s Stall Tactics And Sets Manhattan Trial Date For March 25

Judge Juan Merchan ripped Trump’s efforts to delay the Manhattan criminal trial and set a trial date of March 25.

When Is Trump’s Manhattan Criminal Trial?

Trump will be going on trial in Manhattan on March 25, 2024.

CNN reported on the response to Trump’s claim that a March trial would be an unnecessary hardship:

“It would have been an absolute waste of time” to come together in November, Merchan said, because no one knew when the other trials would occur. But now the federal trial is now not happening in March, he said.

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“He’s not going to be in more than one criminal trial at the same time,” Merchan said.

“You don’t have a trial date in Georgia, you don’t have a trial date in Florida,” Merchan said.

Neither of Trump’s federal trials have a trial date, and he does not have a trial date in Georgia, so there is no reason why the Manhattan trial can’t begin in March.

Over the past year, judges in all of Trump’s criminal cases, except Aileen Cannon in the Florida classified documents case, have shown that their patience has worn thin with Trump’s efforts to delay the trials.

Manhattan will be the first Trump criminal case to go to trial. Trump could be a convicted felon as he wraps up the Republican presidential nomination.

Trump has already melted down outside the Manhattan courthouse, and things are going to get uglier now that he is going to trial.

Donald Trump will not avoid prosecution before the presidential election.

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