Joe Biden Is Out There Making Jokes About Broke Trump

At a campaign event, President Joe Biden joked about Donald Trump’s financial problems.

According to the White House Pool Report:

“We’ve had 1.3 million people contribute to our campaign,” with 500,000 of them new contributors, POTUS said.

“Donald, I’m sorry I can’t help you,” POTUS said of a man with crushing debt.

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He pointed to what the economy and world was like four years ago, at the start of the pandemic, and a revelation from Bob Woodward’s book that Trump knew about the severity of the virus, along with some of Trump’s other comments about Covid.

“Donald Trump is not president,” Biden said to the crowd. “I am. Because of you.”

He spoke about the economic growth during his term and infrastructure, along with investments to fight climate change.

“Does anyone here want to go back to 2020?” Biden asked, to which the crowd responded, “No.”

Donald Trump has become a joke on the campaign trail. His general opponent is joking because Donald Trump owes more than half a billion dollars in legal judgments and is getting increasingly enraged because he doesn’t have the money to pay the state of New York.

Trump has built a myth that he is a rich winner, but now he is the butt of the joke because the supposed billionaire can’t afford to post the bond in his fraud case.

Things are so bad for Trump that President Biden is joking about him on the campaign trail.

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