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Jimmy Kimmel Delivers A Killer Trump Prison Joke

While speaking about voters wanting to know the outcome of Trump’s 1/6 trial before the election, Jimmy Kimmel had a great Trump prison joke.

Kimmel said:

Voters want to see the verdict in the January 6th case before they vote in the election because it’s vitally important that we find out whether the former president did what we all saw him do on television or not. With all the legal jeopardy that is now hanging over his candy-colored head, Trump is trying his best to focus on the campaign.

He now says he wants to debate Joe Biden immediately. Which makes sense, if they wait too long, they’ll have to be separated by a glass partition. Another thing Trump wants to happen immediately is for Republicans in the Senate to kill the bill they negotiated to secure the border. Trump has been pressuring, even calling GOP senators, trying to get them to not make the deal they already made.

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Basically, he wants chaos at the border so that come election time, He can claim to be the only one who can stop it, and they’re going along with this, which is crazy. And most of the Republicans liked this, but Trump didn’t, so now they’re trying to kill it. It’s like Mike Pence all over again.


Trump really is rushing this process along, but he can count at least 91 reasons why he needs to hurry it up. It is like Trump is trying to jam an entire election into a few months. He wanted to be declared the Republican nominee after only two states had voted. Now, he wants general election debates before he and President Biden have clinched their nominations.

He’ll soon be calling for the general election to be held on the first Tuesday in March.

Trump seems to think that if he can get elected before he gets convicted, then America will be stuck with him.

Jimmy Kimmel was right. If Trump doesn’t get debates with Biden now, he may have to participate via collect call by prison phone.

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