Jim Jordan Shows That He’s Putin’s Useful Idiot

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan dismissed every element of Russia trying to interfere in elections and showed that he is willing to buy anything Putin is selling.

What Did Jim Jordan Say About Russia?

Jordan said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

He continued to get paid after they found out what he told the FBI wasn’t true. And of course, now we have the Smirnov guy and, and he gets indicted and arrested not once but twice. Here’s the interesting thing about Smirnov. David Weiss, the guy who’s been investigating Hunter Biden for now, almost five years. David Weiss had this information the 1023 back in 2020. What did he do for the last three years? What did he do for the last 3.5 years? Why didn’t he look into it before?

Because all we is what Chair Comer just said, Christopher Wray said this was a great source, confidential, human source that we’ve been paying for 14 years. He’s helped put away bad guys. The safety of him is jeopardized if we give you access to this 1023. And now, now they, maybe the guy did lie. I don’t know. But it seems strange to me because it looks like David Weiss didn’t do a darn thing with this until after the plea deal falls apart last July.

Because if you read the indictment, it’s when in July is when they go talk to the confidential human sources handler and start this process that ultimately led to his arrest. So we’ll have to see.

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The other thing is, as you pointed out in 2016, it was Trump-Russia collusion. We found out that was garbage in 2020. It was all the laptops of Russian information operations. We knew that was garbage. And now here we go. The third time, one more time they’re bringing out this story again. Maybe the Smirnov guy did lie to him. We’ll have to see. But there’s a lot of questions that I think a lot of people have.

Republicans Like Jim Jordan Are Useful Idiots For Putin

The term useful idiot was coined during the Cold War to describe an American who was viewed as susceptible or easily manipulated by communist propaganda and misinformation. Many Republicans in Trump’s party have turned themselves into useful idiots because they would rather look the other way than confront the fact that their party has become a danger to national security.

There is no evidence that Jim Jordan has collaborated or communicated with Putin and the Russians, so it appears that Jordan, Comer, and other Republicans are willingly playing the role of being useful idiots for Putin and Russia.
Jim Jordan like Trump is choosing to believe Putin over the United States, and this choice makes them both a threat to national security.

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