Jim Jordan Refuses To Investigate Jared Kushner Taking Saudi Cash

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) refused to investigate Jared Kushner for taking billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia immediately after leaving the White House.

Rep. Jordan said on Newsmax, “The idea that Jared Kushner did something wrong is ridiculous. I mean, the, the Trump family that has been investigated more than any family on the planet and what they’ve, what they’ve attempted to do to President Trump and been doing to President Trump over the last seven years is unbelievable. So, again, I, I don’t want to get into that, but I will say this. Let’s do this. Let’s do this, Congressman.”


The person who ran Donald Trump’s Middle East policy got billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia immediately after leaving the White House, and that, according to Rep. Jordan, is not cause for an investigation, but he is leading the effort to impeach the President Of The United States for the business activities of his son, who doesn’t work in government or the Biden administration.

There has been speculation for years that the $2 billion that Kushner received was payment for access, influence over, or information relating to US foreign policy.

Jim Jordan doesn’t think that the Trump family potentially selling US secrets or influence over US foreign policy is worth investigating, but Russian disinformation about President Biden and his son is worthy of impeachment.

The stink of corruption is pouring off of the Republican Party.

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