Jim Jordan Gets Totally Desperate To Save Biden Impeachment

Like his bid to be the Speaker of the House, everyone knows that Biden impeachment is dead except Jim Jordan.

What Did Jim Jordan Post About Biden Impeachment?


Jim Jordan has come up with a new frame for Biden impeachment. Now, he is claiming that Biden’s family was selling a brand:

According to testimony, the Bidens were selling “The Brand.”

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“The Brand” was Joe Biden.

“The Brand” was put on speakerphone at least 20 times.

“The Brand” dropped by a meeting before Hunter Biden and his associates were wired $3 million

“The Brand” was name dropped in a threatening WhatsApp messages before Hunter Biden and his associates were wired $5 million

“The Brand” attended dinner with Hunter Biden’s business associate Yelena Baturina, who evaded the US sanctions list.

“The Brand” conditioned the release of money on the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor.

The Ukraine prosecutor’s claim has been so widely debunked that it is not worth mentioning that dead horse. However, Jordan’s inclusion of the debunked claim is a hat tip to Rudy Giuliani, who was the mule who brought that piece of Russian disinformation to the United States.

Trump Sold Access To A Brand While President

Trump took millions of dollars from foreign governments by having them buy rooms at his hotels while he was president. Trump was selling “a brand,” and he was also selling access to the White House. It is pretty bold or dumb of Jordan to make this claim when Trump and his probably Chinese-made gold sneakers are staring him in the face.

Impeachment is dead. House Republicans are at least 30 votes short of the number needed to impeach President Biden.

Everyone seems to know this, except Jim Jordan and James Comer.

Comer and Jordan had one job to do for Trump in the House majority: impeaching Joe Biden.

Jordan and Comer screwed it up, so now they are trying a new tactic to sell their empty suit.

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