Jim Jordan Accused Of Conspiring With Putin On Election Interference

Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) had accused Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) of conspiring with Putin to interfere in the presidential election.

What Did Rep. Dan Goldman Say About Jim Jordan Posting Russian Disinformation?

After Jordan continued to push the Russian disinformation about President Joe Biden, Rep. Goldman responded:

There are too many false statements in this fiction novel to address here, but it’s shocking that @Jim_Jordan
continues to promote the Burisma hoax even after he learned that it was falsely peddled by Putin.

Jordan is now conspiring with Putin to interfere in the Nov election.

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Jim Jordan also continues to promote the fake story from Russia that Biden had a Ukrainian prosecutor fired, and even after being told by the FBI that he and James Comer have based their impeachment investigation on lies cooked up by Russia, Jordan won’t stop promoting them.

Jim Jordan Refuses To Acknowledge The Truth

On Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, Jordan talked about Russian election interference, “The other thing is, as you pointed out in 2016, it was Trump-Russia collusion. We found out that was garbage in 2020. It was all the laptops of Russian information operations. We knew that was garbage. And now here we go. The third time, one more time they’re bringing out this story again.”

These aren’t stories. They’re facts, and by refusing to believe them, Jim Jordan is cooperating with Putin to interfere in the 2024 presidential election. Rep. Goldman was correct. There is a point where willful ignorance crosses the line into cooperation.

The Biden bribery allegation has been deleted from the House Republican impeachment evidence website, which shows that some House Republicans are acknowledging the truth.

Jim Jordan is not, and his statements are essentially a collaboration with Putin to interfere in the presidential election to help Donald Trump.

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