James Comer Is Trying To Cash In On Biden Impeachment With A Book Deal

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) is in discussions and trying to get a book deal about his baseless Biden impeachment.

Axios reported:

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) is in discussions with at least one publisher about a book deal at the same time that he is leading the Biden impeachment probe, Axios has learned.

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 The project came to light when a source pointed Axios to a page on the HarperCollins website that shows placeholder cover for a book by Comer with a provocative title, “All the President’s Money,” and a supposed publication date of Sept. 10.

But no book is imminent and there’s no book deal, Comer’s staff tells Axios.

HarperCollins said that link was erroneously posted and Rep. Comer asked that it be taken down.

Talks for the book were apparently far enough a long that a page had been created for it, and it was assigned a publication date.

It looks like Rep. Comer was trying to use his evidence free Biden impeachment to cash in, which speaks volumes about the motives of Comer and why he was pushing to so hard to try to turn his evidence free investigation into an impeachment reality.

Comer had a book deal on the line. No wonder he pushed for the President to be impeached. The fact that Comer was actively pursuing a book deal while supposedly investigating the president reeks of a conflict of interest and potential corruption.

After Democrats take the House majority, they may have to investigate this attempted Republican impeachment, and if any laws were broken by anyone in the current House majority.

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