Introducing The WATCHPOD® Six Watch Travel Case

Whether you have spent hundreds or thousands or even hundreds of thousands on a watch, no matter what you need to be able to keep them safe during any sort of transit. WATCHPOD® has introduced its newest iteration of their now iconic POD design.

The WATCHPOD Six Watch Travel Case does exactly what you think it does, allows the safe storage and travel for six watches. This particular case now also features a carry handle for ease of use.

The sturdy build and soft velvet interior ensures your precious timepieces are in good safe hands for any of your travel needs. The case also comes with a microfibre polishing cloth for all of your on the go buffing needs.

The cases boast maximum protection due to the unique and in house designed doughnut shaped watch slots and central dividers. It uses lycra on the exterior, that was specifically chosen for its durability and water-repellant properties. The hard-shell design of the case also prevents any crushing.

This design reduces movement inside the case, thus preventing your watch collection from being knocked around and damaged.

Measuring in at only 10.5” long, 7.25” wide and 2.25” high when closed, the Six Pod can fit up to 6 watches that have a face size of up to 50mm. This is quite remarkably small considering the amount of watches it can hold, and allows for easy fitting into a backpack, most types of luggage, and at home security safes.

WATCHPOD has previously been featured in the New York Times for their single, double and triple travel cases. You can find the link to that story by clicking here.

Reviews of the other older watch cases from WATCHPOD include one from the editor in chief and co-founder of saying “The problem with taking bracelet watches on a trip in a conventional travel case is that the bracelet tends to rub on itself and/or the case back, which scratches the metal. This case seems to neatly solve that by integrating a cushion into the middle of the case and putting extra padding around the rest.”.

So, if you regularly travel with a selection of watches or want an affordable and safe way of transporting your timepieces while moving house for instance then WATCHPOD is for you. The new Six iteration is now available via their official website here, as well as on Amazon.

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