Instead Of A Magnum Of Champagne, Bring A Dragnum Of Fireball Whiskey

A magnum of champagne impresses at any party but the team at Fireball say they’ve got something better: the Dragnum.

That’s right – the cinnamon whiskey known as Fireball now comes in a 1.75L dramatic bottle or the Dragnum. The Dragnum is champagne-shaped bottle of Fireball with a reusable cork encased in a wire basket with foil wrap in magnum-sized container. “Just because you want to be classy doesn’t mean that you have to be predictable,” says Danny Suich, global brand director of Fireball. “The beauty of it is that the Dragnum tastes exactly like regular Fireball because the liquid inside is the same, great cinnamon spicy goodness, but it now comes in a sophisticated packaging twist that’s guaranteed to impress anywhere.”

The Dragnum, which has a suggested retail price of $24.99, is being slowly unrolled nationally to stores everywhere that regular-sized Fireball is sold. “You’re going to see it in a few stores, but it will increase in distribution,” Suich says. “It’s still starting to ramp up.”

The idea for the Dragnum is that “everyone loves any excuse to celebrate, and celebrations can come in any shape or size,” he says.

“We asked ourselves what is another way to bring an unexpected twist to an otherwise typical or expected category,” Suich explains. “To us, at classy celebrations, people often bring a bottle of wine or bubbly, and now, the Dragnum is an unexpected option.”

The name, he says, refers to both the magnum size of the bottle and Fireball’s dragon mascot. “That’s why we decide to name the product after our beloved mascot,” Suich says.

It’s perfect, Suich says, for holiday celebrations. As for rolling out this holiday-centric bottle before even the start of September, Suich points out that it’s not that early. “We launched it around this time of year because if you go to any store, you’ll already see holiday displays for fall and winter, and we want people to keep the Dragnum in mind for holiday celebrations and parties,” he says.

A few Fireball fans have already posted photos comparing the size of the Dragnum to a regular whiskey bottle. “We wanted it to stand out on the shelf, and for us, the bigger, the better,” he says. “Fans are really loving the disruptive and rebellious kind of visual of the Dragnum. We love to see where consumers point out how ridiculous it is. That adds to the essence of what we want the Dragnum to be.”

Suich says he expects Fireball fans to deliver on surprising photos and videos of how and where they serve the Dragnum, and he also expects some fans to save the bottle because it presents such a dramatic visual. “Our fans are truly amazing and very creative, and no doubt, we’re going to see some crazy pictures,” he says.

Besides holiday celebrations, especially New Year’s Eve parties, the Dragnum can also be served in more casual settings. “If you’re football team won big, open a Dragnum,” he says. “Need a housewarming gift, bring Dragnum. Tuesday night book club getting a little stale, bring Dragnum. It could fit any occasion or any excuse for an occasion.”

As the Dragnum rolls out nationally, Suich also hints that Fireball fans should focus on the dragon, as the brand has a surprise it’s planning to unveil in September. “The dragon is really core to our brand identity at Fireball, and fans should be prepared to see something in September,” he says. “The dragon is going to become more of a centerpiece.”

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