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Indigo Books To Begin Selling Alcohol

In an effort to draw in more customers and boost sales, Indigo (IDG) is planning to allow people to drink alcohol while shopping in its bookstores.

The company is planning to trial the alcohol concept at a new location in downtown Toronto, saying it wants to offer customers a “radically different” shopping experience.

The new store, set to open this autumn, will allow customers to drink beer and wine in addition to coffee while shopping the nearly 1,500-square-metre outlet.

In addition to alcoholic drinks, the store will also offer consumers gourmet snacks and a vinyl record shop.

In a statement, Indigo said the new store is “an evolution for the brand” and aims to enhance the in-store experience for customers.

The pivot towards selling beer and wine comes after Indigo reported a net loss of nearly $50 million for its most recent fiscal year.

The company has also been hit by a cyberattack that crippled its online sales and a wave of executive departures this year.

Indigo’s stock has declined 53% over the past year and currently trades at $1.43 per share.

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