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Hunter Biden Gives Fox News A Big New Problem

Hunter Biden’s legal team is vowing to hold Fox News accountable for attacking Hunter Biden with lies for financial gain.

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Hunter Biden’s lawyers, Mark Geragos, Bryan Freedman, and Tina Glandian, issued a statement to PoliticusUSA on his behalf: “For the last five years, Fox News has relentlessly attacked Hunter Biden and made him a caricature to boost ratings and for its financial gain. The recent indictment of FBI informant Smirnov has exposed the conspiracy of disinformation that has been fueled by Fox, enabled by their paid agents, and monetized by the Fox enterprise. We plan on holding them accountable.”

In a letter, Biden’s legal team wrote to Fox News:

Mr. Biden reserves all of his rights and remedies to pursue claims against FOX and its joint tortfeasors arising from this conspiracy. In the interim, given that the bribery allegations have been confirmed to be false, we hereby demand that FOX take immediate steps to update its readers and viewers that the source of these allegations has been federally indicted for fabricating the allegations. This would necessarily include updating all digital articles discussing the bribery allegations with editor’s notes informing readers of the indictment, and instructing FOX television hosts, including but not limited to Sean Hannity, Jesse Watters, and Maria Bartiromo, to inform their viewers on air that they have been sharing a debunked allegation from a source who has been federally indicted.

Given the foregoing, we hereby demand that FOX (i) immediately remove “The Trial of Hunter Biden” from any and all streaming platforms including Fox Nation, and (ii) advise any and all third-party streaming services that they must immediately remove “The Trial of Hunter Biden” from their respective streaming services. FOX’s failure to expeditiously comply with the removal demands will subject FOX to significant liability for its continued and blatant invasion of Mr. Biden’s rights. However, Mr. Biden’s removal demand is not a waiver of, or prejudice to, any of his rights, remedies, or claims at law or in equity arising from FOX’s unlawful commercial exploitation of his image, name, and likeness.

Hunter Biden wants an on-air apology and removal of the content, and if he doesn’t get it, he will file a defamation lawsuit. It is impossible to imagine Fox News apologizing to Biden, but another defamation lawsuit could be very expensive for Fox. The network’s hosts continue to make defamatory statements against Hunter Biden, so unless there is some sort of miraculous about-face, this situation seems destined to end up in court.

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