Howards Motor Group invests in sustainable energy across all sites

Howards Motor Group is making a significant investment in sustainable energy solutions by installing solar panels across all its group locations.

PV solar panels are being installed on the rooftops of all its sites to generate clean and renewable energy and significantly reduce the group’s reliance on conventional energy sources,

Jonathan Coleman, group property & executive director at Howards Group, said; “By investing in solar panel installations across all of our group locations, we are taking a proactive approach to reduce our carbon footprint and make a meaningful contribution to environmental conservation.”

This commitment to sustainability is not new for Howards Motor Group. In late 2022, the group implemented an all-electric vehicle (EV) policy for its employees vehicles and installing LED lighting across the group.

The business said the combination of adopting EVs for the employee vehicle fleet, LED lighting and now investing in solar panels underlines Howards Motor Group’s holistic approach to sustainability.

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