How to Turn Your Worst Personality Traits Into Strengths, From 6 Founders Who Did It

All of us, at some point in our lives, have believed some aspect of our personalities could be improved upon. Maybe you got the message that you were too loud, or brash, or talkative. Maybe you were told you were overly reserved, or sensitive, or dreamy. Maybe your ideas are too impractical, or too regimented. Maybe you’re too loose with money, or too tight-fisted. Whatever the critique was, it probably made you feel crappy and self-conscious. But that’s okay, because a little self-reflection is good for everyone, and it’s important to be mindful how you’re coming across to others. And it also doesn’t mean you should try to eradicate that part of yourself. In fact, if it’s getting other people’s attention, it’s probably core to who you are. Here, we spoke with six entrepreneurs who made the mindset shift from feeling ashamed of their “bad” personality traits, to unlocking their potential.

Image Credit: Pete Ryan

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