Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Devastates Republicans With IVF Answer

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) delivered a devastating answer to Republicans when asked about IVF and reproductive rights.

Whitmer was asked by CNN’s Dana Bash on State of the Union if Republican posturing on IVF undercuts Democratic arguments.

The Michigan governor answered, “Hell, no, it does not. I mean, we’ve always known that with the appointments that Donald Trump made to the United States Supreme Court, that IVF, that a woman’s ability to make her own decisions about her body and all the panoply of things that come from that were in jeopardy. And so this Alabama supreme court ruling is a natural extension of that, and that’s exactly why even in a state like Michigan, where we’ve made huge strides and protecting the right to reproductive freedom is still very much at risk with  the prospect of a second Trump term.”

When Whitmer was asked about IVF specifically and whether embryos are people, her answer was devastating, “I think the government should get out of people’s individual personal health care decisions. I think the government has no business or expertise inserting themselves in the middle of a woman and her right to make the choice that is right for her or a family that desperately wants to have a child. ”

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Democrats Are Now The Party Of Limited Government And Personal Freedom

Donald Trump has taken the Republican Party and turned it into the party of big government trampling on individual freedom. It’s the Democrats who are fighting to get the government out of the doctor’s office, women’s bodies, and the decision of people to have a family.

Republicans have become Big Government.

For decades, Republicans were known as small-government conservatives, but today, Democrats are arguing for limited government power and individual liberty.

Thar argument is power and Republicans will be devastated by it in November.

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