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Global Moly Throws in Lot with ELLE CHINA

Global Mofy Metaverse Limited (NASDAQ: GMM) shares gathered strength Friday, as the company a technology solutions provider engaged in virtual content production, digital marketing, and digital assets development for the metaverse industry, today announced the Company and ELLE CHINA, ELLE MEN CHINA have forged a long-term partnership, embarking on an eagerly anticipated collaboration that promises mutual promotional benefits and an array of exciting projects in the realm of advertising and beyond.

As part of this collaboration, ELLE MEN CHINA will provide Global Mofy Metaverse with a stable and influential platform for publicity, including avenues such as video channels and websites. These platforms will grant Global Mofy Metaverse invaluable exposure, enabling the dissemination of their brand stories and latest products to a much wider audience. Through this partnership with ELLE CHINA and ELLE MEN CHINA, Global Mofy Metaverse will establish connections with a diverse range of consumers, amplifying brand recognition and effectively conveying their unique value propositions.

In addition to the promotional advantages, Global Mofy Metaverse will bring their expertise in comprehensive advertising production to the table, having already undertaken the end-to-end filming and production of renowned advertisement campaigns for ELLE CHINA in the past two years in a row. These successful collaborations serve as a testament to Global Mofy Metaverse’s exceptional capabilities in the realm of advertising production, laying a solid foundation for future projects with ELLE CHINA.

GMM shares began Friday up 14 cents, or 1.1%, to $13.39.

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