Gavin Newsom Smashes Kirsten Welker’s Ageist Attack On Biden

Kristen Welker asked Gavin Newsom if it is responsible for Democrats to put Biden at the top of the ticket, and Newsom rejected her complete premise.

What Did Gavin Newsom Say In Response To Kristen Welker?

Welker asked, “And yet, governor, there are pretty stark numbers that you’re facing. 76% of voters say they have real concerns about President Biden’s ability to serve a second term. Do you think it’s responsible for Democrats to put him at the top of the ticket given those concerns?”

Newsom answered, “Responsible? I revere his record. What he’s done in three years has been a master class close to 15 million jobs and eight times more than the last three Republican presidents combined. The economy is booming, inflation is cooling and it’s .6% more than it was in the sum you are of 2020 at just 3.1% and wait a second, we have American manufacturing coming back home all because of Biden’s wisdom and because of his temperance and his capacity to lead in a bipartisan manner which is an underrepresented point and I have great confidence moving forward and it is absolutely all in for the next four years in Biden.

Welker admitted that “voters,” a.k.a. the media, weren’t interested in Biden’s record and asked if Biden needs to do more to dispel the age question.

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Newsom replied in part, “It’s because of his age that he’s been so successful and because of the character that we have the CHIPS and Science Act and the PACT Act and the Safer Communities Act, and it’s because of his capacity of understanding and his leadership so the opportunity to express that for four more years, what a gift it is for the American people and as a Democrat, what a gift for me to make the case for the leader of our party, Joe Biden.”


Speaking of master classes, Gavin Newsom put on a master class on how to shoot down media trolling about Biden’s age.

Kristen Welker’s questions to Newsom revealed that the media is attacking President Biden’s age because they have nothing else. The press can’t attack his record. They can’t attack Biden for the economy. There are no Biden scandals, so they must go after the one thing the President can’t control—his age.

Newsom showed how Democrats should handle the Biden age question. Democrats should be skeptical that such an absurd question would even be asked because shaming the media for tossing out Biden’s record to focus on his age, which is a valid concern with both Biden and Trump, is not something that should be tolerated.

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