Five Ultra-Cool Gadgets You Need On Your Superyacht

Tis the season of giving, but what do you give the person who has everything? If they’re a yacht owner, the answer could be an ultra-cool, high-tech gadget for their superyacht.

The marine industry talks a lot about innovation in yacht design but the tech that drives the vessels is often just as interesting (just not as sexy) to discuss. Modern gadgets are so advanced that owners can control almost everything onboard from a screen, while captains have eyes and ears over all things happening near and around the yacht – even several thousand kilometres away.

With most yachts currently tucked away in shipyards for the winter, now is the opportune time to add a few upgrades. Andy King, Vice President of Sales at marine equipment manufacturer Raymarine, reveals five of the best new technologies that all owners and captains need on their yachts today.

Smart home system

Nowadays, tech-savvy home owners can control every element from a tablet or phone, so why not do the same on your yacht? Raymarine’s YachtSense Ecosystem connects owners and captains with their chosen vessel via a network that offers on- and off-board integration so they can manage all manner of smart home systems from an App.

Thermal and night vision cameras

Never worry about night sailing again with the Teledyne FLIR Thermal Camera, an advanced camera that does exactly what it says on the tin. Your eyes on the sea, no matters the time of day or the conditions, this illuminating gadget utilises the same advanced technologies utilised by militaries and professional mariners around the world.

Bird’s eye camera

The smart companion for seamless docking every time, the Neuboat Dock camera offers 360-degree arial views. Wave goodbye to blind spots – this is ideal for single crew captains or large vessels entering tight spaces.

Long-distance cameras

As yachting isn’t just about what’s going on close to you, a long-distance camera is essential for navigation and spotting obstacles – or desired destinations. The smartest on the market use a combination of augmented reality, infrared emitters, sensors and more to ensure the clearest journey. King highlights the CAM300 or the FLIR CAM300C which has 30x optical zoom, active gyro stabilization and low light performance.


Loving fishing but find the wait frustrating? Never miss another school with an ultra-high-tech Sonar fishfinders. By passing back and forth over a space a few times, this gadget can build up a colourful, wildly clear 3D map of the ocean bed and everything in between. As well as depth, it can identify structures and even different types of fish, for targeting like never before.

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