Fiat prepares to reveal first 'global' car in three year launch plan

Fiat has revealed a family of Panda-inspired concepts to excite potential customers of its next generation of ‘global’ small cars.

Under its Stellantis parent group,  Fiat will switch from a regional product focus to a global one, to build a range of cars it can sell in all its markets.

After first new car is revealed in July 2024, a new vehicle will follow every year until 2027.

Olivier Francois, Fiat chief executive and Stellantis global chief marketing officer, said: “Fiat is a global brand with 1.3 million cars sold last year and solid leadership in many parts of the world. We are in a global game and our next step will be to transition from local products to a global offer that can benefit all of our customers everywhere in the world.”

Using group platform, the new Fiats can be provided with electric, hybrid and ICE powertrains depending on market requirements, and he said they will use sustainable materials.

Fiat will maintain a philosophy of keeping its cars functional yet fun. and on using a “less is more” approach to produce more affordable and sustainable cars, reducing polluting materials such as chrome, alloys, leather, and the foams in seats.

Introducing a video which features several concept cars, in city car, SUV, pick-up, camper van and fastback styles, Francois said: “We are excited to share this glimpse into our future; a very near future actually, since the first car will be presented in four months during the brand’s 125th anniversary celebration. That car will then be followed by one new model every year.” 




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